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Hi, I'm Cindy Smith, Welcome to CC's Boston & Boxer 

Let me share with you how I got started with this wonderful breed. I got my first traditional black and white Boston in the late 90's. His name was Dexter. Dexter lived a full life, and when Dexter was gone, I got another black and white female, this time, named Dixie. But it wasn't until I got this red and white firecracker, named Darci, that I knew I wanted to be a breeder of such a wonderful dog. Darci showed me how really smart, loyal and protective this little breed can be (not that Dexter or Dixie didn't have these qualities also). Darci blessed me with 2 beautiful litters! I had her spayed so now she is my sidekick, and that's where she will remain until the end.
Since getting Darci, I have got some more wonderful Boston's that are just as eager to please as she is! If you have decided to get a Boston Terrier, then you will also fall in love with them just like me. 
We are just a small town country breeder doing what we love! All my dogs live inside with the rest of the family, not in kennels..

RIP Darci 12/26/2023. We will always have you in our heart. She passed unexpectantly.

Our Boston's are a part of our family!
Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

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